Science & Memory is an initiative that aims to communicate stories of climate change to connect the world around us. I worked as the chief creative director, managing/constructing the website and digital content, as well as designing and producing installations. I worked with two different Oregon Coast teams in the summers of 2017 & 2018, managing creative assets, working closely with producers and photographers to create a cohesive aesthetic. While in charge of the website and all project assets, I was also working with smaller teams on stories as well as covering some of my own.             
For our 2017 project I created an overall narrative in an attempt to connect multiple locations under the common theme of our changing climate. We covered the stories of three different ecosystems that share a single latitude, giving our audience a sense of place through data: 
I inherited a previous version of the Science & Memory website. Incorporating new work and as the project scope grew to new locations, I had to adapt and expand the site while staying true to our mission. Below is the home navigation page and overview “Stories” pages I designed for 2017 & 2018 Oregon Coast. Other location pages include Ghana and Alaska. Each overview sub section links to a story page, which I also designed. 44 web pages total. Click here see the full site.
• "Looking to the Future", Winter of 2017/2018. Put together this mural to catch the eyes of the people walking by while also sharing where Science & Memory projects have taken place and where they plan on going next. It's the world in sticky notes designed to slowly fall apart over time, isn't that  fitting
• Conceptualized and put together "Oregon Coast", Fall of 2017. The Goal was to showcase the photography and thought process.